Forget Love Shack, it’s all about the Princess Love Boat now!

By William Hope
My Kind of Cruise
Valentines is upon us and cruising is the ideal place for romance, so let's take a look at the impact that cruising has had on finding love and romance over the years!
Cupid has struck again this year; a fantastic time for couples to reflect on marriage, renew their vows and have incredible… intimate… chats about their lives and how partnership has benefited them. Although we prefer to focus on the more romantic aspects of the week and that push for love. Why not ask out the person you’ve had a crush on for the last year, send that text you’ve been putting off, or like his photo from 67 weeks ago!
Something many people don’t know is that cruising has had a huge, huge impact on both love and marriage. Princess cruises dominate in this game as they actually hosted 1,443 couples on THREE of their huge ships and had them all renew their vows simultaneously to create a world record!
 They also have romance packages available as an upgrade; the package can include: couple massages, champagne in your cabin and special dining options - but it doesn't end there. Princess offers whole packages just for wedding vow renewals, anniversaries, engagements and a fun-named “sweethearts” package. These specifically cater to the special occasion aforementioned - which we think is incredibly fun and exciting!
Princess also owns the famous ship featured in the 2022’s TV dating game ‘The Real Love Boat’, however that’s not the ship's real name; Regal Princess is what you’re looking for outside of the show. Princess tends to market the stunning ship as the Love Boat to draw fans in which we think is hilarious and fun.
Some of you (of a certain age) however, may remember the original cult 70’s series ‘The Love Boat’, featuring more cruise ships from Princess - so they really have been the line for romance since the very sexy Seventies!
We think that there’s nothing more romantic than cruising across the azure seas, sun setting on the horizon, a bottle of champagne at the ready, with the person you love. There is something so charming about experiencing such breathtaking experiences with someone you care so dearly and deeply about and we feel that cruising offers exactly that - so if you’re trying to take your loved one on a well needed getaway for an anniversary, engagement or even just a love vacation - we have you covered.
Ultimately, however, let’s celebrate this week in the name of love and romance... go on a date with your partner, go on a date with your fiance, go on a date with whoever you want- treat yourself or take your mates and celebrate friendship- because this week is about you and your loved ones. Take this week as loving yourself and loving each other - make it special… and treat everyone to a once-in-a-lifetime cruise! If you're looking for romance, or rekindling the magic, we've got an app for that!
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