My Kind of Cruise Agency Booking Terms
My Kind Ltd Agency Terms & Conditions
The following terms and conditions relate to holidays advertised by My Kind Ltd (below also referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’) and organised by other suppliers. When making a purchase through this app or website, My Kind of Cruise Ltd will act as agent for the holiday provider and when you make a booking as the lead party, the booking terms below will apply, in addition to the terms and conditions of the provider.
Prior to confirming your booking, you will be given the opportunity to read through and agree to the supplier terms and conditions and also to the My Kind Ltd agency terms and conditions.
When you agree to these terms, you agree that My Kind Ltd is acting as the agent in arranging your contract with the cruise provider. 
Our registered address is Regina House, 224 Finchley Road, London, England NW3 5JS
Your Financial Protection
My Kind Ltd is a member of the Travel Trust Association (TTA) in the United Kingdom.
When you book with us, any monies paid go directly to a secure, ring-fenced trust account, and from there are passed via the TTA directly to your holiday supplier.
In this way, your money is fully protected and will always be used to pay for your holiday and not for any other purposes. In the unlikely event of any default by the agency, your holiday and any monies paid are still protected by the TTA and your holiday will continue.
Privacy and Data Protection
We take your privacy seriously and these terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with our privacy policy which can be found here: My Kind of Cruise Privacy Policy
During the booking process you pass on to us certain personal data which we may then forward to the supplier of your holiday, plus any relevant passport and/or government agencies as required by law. In this process we act as a data handler on your behalf and are acting in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy set out by the UK government and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)
Your data may also be passed to suppliers outside of the European Union group of countries where data regulations are not as secure. By booking you give us permission to pass the minimum amount possible of your personal data as required to third parties outside of the EU. If we are unable to do this we will be unable to accept your booking.
1. Contract
By making a booking with My Kind Ltd you are entering into a contract with us, as an agent for the supplier, on your behalf. When booking you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and that you are acting as the lead name on the booking, responsible for your party.
You should also pay particular attention if wishing to travel whilst you or anyone in your group are pregnant, or with an infant under three years of age, as different cruise lines will not allow travel if medical services onboard cannot guarantee the safety of you, your infant, or any of your party.
The terms below operate under the jurisdiction of English law, and where these conditions differ from those of the supplier, for example (but not limited to) payments, changes and cancellations, the My Kind Ltd conditions apply. 
If you are resident in Scotland or Northern Ireland you may choose this jurisdiction if you wish to do so.
A contract will exist when we receive a booking reference from the principal supplier and pass this on to you in the form of a confirmation email.
2. Your Booking
When making a booking we pass on the details provided by you to the supplier. It is therefore important that you check all details submitted such as correct spelling of names as per passport, dates of birth and other details for your party, before proceeding.
If you require an accessible cabin for a less able bodied passenger, or have any other dietary or medical requests such as manual or battery wheelchair, please make us aware of this before booking, as we will be unable to guarantee that we can fulfill your request after confirmation. A medical form may also need to be completed.
For any other special requests such as room location, anniversary upgrade requests etc, we will pass these on to your supplier, but all such requests cannot be guaranteed and we will have no liability to you if they are not.
Upon payment of the stated deposit to us, we will request a confirmation of your booking from the supplier. Occasionally, between requesting a booking through us and making your payment, the requested services may sell out or increase in price and we will be unable to confirm the booking as requested. Where this is the case, we will not confirm the booking and no contract will exist between the parties. In this case a full refund will be given.
A booking will be created when we receive the booking reference from the supplier and pass this on to you in the form of a booking confirmation email.
When you receive this booking confirmation, please read and check all the details carefully and notify us as soon as possible of any inaccuracies, such as spelling of names, dates of birth etc. If we need to change any details with the supplier after confirming the booking, charges may apply for any amendments as noted below, so it is important to enter the correct detail before confirming.
All documents will be emailed to you and will also be available in the personal area of our App. This includes the confirmation of your holiday, any subsequent documentation and also your e-tickets, which you should expect to receive approximately two weeks prior to departure.
3. Payments and Deposits
You will be required to pay a deposit if booking more than 69 days in advance of departure, or the full amount of your booking if sooner. The total amount of this payment will be notified at the time of booking. 
Any deposit paid to us is non-refundable, but may, on occasions, be transferable either with the same supplier to a different date, or to another supplier, in the event of a cancellation by your party. The exact terms will be made clear in the supplier terms and conditions you agree to prior to booking.
If you pay a deposit, your payment terms will be agreed to at the time of booking and a final payment date will be given. Failure to pay in full for your booking by this date will result in cancellation of your booking and the retention of all or a proportion of the monies paid, in accordance with the cancellation schedules of the supplier, plus a £25 administration fee for the cancellation process by us. Where a late payment is allowed by us, we reserve the right to charge a £10 late payment fee to cover the extra administration costs incurred by us to secure your booking.
4. Cancellations and Amendments
If you wish to amend your holiday you must notify us by email with the changes you request. We will then contact the supplier on your behalf to see if these changes are possible and to ascertain the cost.
Where your holiday increases in price, we will not charge an amendment fee for any changes.
Where your holiday decreases in total value, or amendments refer to spelling mistakes and other inaccuracies made by you at the time of booking, change of date of travel, or other significant amendment, we may in some cases, reserve the right to charge an amendment fee to cover administration costs, as detailed below.
If you wish to cancel your booking, please notify us by email as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary charges being incurred. Cancellation costs inside of 69 days prior to departure will usually operate on a sliding scale as defined by the supplier at the time of booking, with the amount of refund decreasing the closer to departure you are when notice of cancellation is received.
Please allow 24 hours for us to action your cancellation and bear this in mind when calculating costs. In any case we will notify you of the cancellation costs and ask for your approval before proceeding, unless you expressly state otherwise.
If your booking is amended or cancelled by the supplier, we will notify you of the changes as soon as reasonably possible and will proceed as per the terms and conditions set out by the supplier, in accordance with your wishes. If there is a time frame in place for a decision on an amendment or cancellation, you must let us know within this stated duration. You will not be charged any administration fees where a change has been initiated by the supplier of your holiday.
5. Passports, Visas, Insurance and Health Requirements
When travelling abroad, you should always travel with a minimum of six months validity on your passport, from the date of your return to the UK. Indeed since Brexit this has become a condition of entry for most countries, including those within the EU
It is also strongly suggested that you familiarise yourself with the new regulations regarding the maximum amount of time you can now spend in the European Union group of countries in any one year.
It is a condition of booking with My Kind Ltd that you carry comprehensive travel insurance for your trip in order to cover for cancellation and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise, in particular medical  and repatriation costs. Most suppliers now insist on this as a condition of travel and by booking with us you will be deemed to have accepted that you should obtain a policy as soon as possible after booking, if not before.
It is your responsibility as lead passenger for your booking to obtain the latest information regarding visas and vaccinations for the areas and countries you will be travelling to and also the countries you will be transiting, as listed on your travel itinerary.
Whilst we will endeavour to give you as much information as possible, the nature of travel and the ever changing rules and regulations mean that it is ultimately your responsibility to check that you have all the necessary requirements in place prior to travel.
On some occasions and where possible, cruise lines may be able to obtain visas for individual ports of call on your behalf when onboard, however for other countries, in particular China and India, you will need to organise your visa in advance of your departure.
We cannot be held liable for any failure by you to obtain the correct visas and vaccinations prior to travel that might result in your being unable to embark on your holiday, or ultimately cancellation of your holiday, or for any subsequent costs incurred.
Please visit
Foreign travel advice
UK Government Travel Aware
for more information on current visa and health requirements needed for travel.
6. Liability
My Kind Ltd carry full liability and indemnity protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances, however it must be stated that where we act as the agent for the supplier of your holiday, the proper performance of all aspects of your holiday, for example cruise ship cabin, hotel, flight or shore excursion, lies with the supplier.
Whilst we will always take up any complaint about your holiday on your behalf with the supplier of the service, the ultimate responsibility for performance and any compensation or legal redress arising from the holiday, will lie with the supplier and we cannot be held liable for this as we are not the organiser of the holiday.
7. Complaints
Please make us aware of any complaint in the first instance by contacting us through the My Kind of Cruise app or via email, as soon as a problem has come to light. We will immediately endeavour to solve the problem to your satisfaction on your behalf with the supplier.
If a complaint arises while you are on holiday, please also bring this to the attention of the relevant hotel manager, front desk etc as soon as possible, to give them the chance to remedy the situation. It is often the case that failure to mention any problems at the time whilst on holiday will lead to difficulties raising the issue when you return.
If we are unable to resolve a problem to your satisfaction even after escalation with your holiday supplier and in the unlikely event you wish to take legal action, this would be against your supplier and not My Kind Ltd acting as the agent for your booking.
If we are unable to resolve any complaint in the first instance, the TTA provide an arbitration and resolution service.
8. Service Charges
In addition to any charges levied by a supplier, we reserve the right to charge a fee to cover our administration costs in relation to the below changes:
Departure date changes, personal detail amendments, passenger changes or removal from a booking (except in the case of the death of a travelling passenger): £20 per amend Cancellation by the customer and subsequent refund of a holiday where it is not possible to rebook an alternative date: £10 per booking reference. This charge will be waived if you rebook with us and we do not need to process a refund to your account
Cabin and category downgrades and other changes resulting in a lower final price of your holiday: £20 per booking reference
Late Payment Fee: £10 per booking
Printing and posting of documentation and tickets for travel: £10 per booking
Changes resulting in an increase to the final price of your holiday will not incur a charge.