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P&O Cruises is one of the only inherently British cruise lines, boasting an impressive fleet of 7 ships which all have the British flag painted across the side, making them incredibly iconic and recognisable. The fleet consists of: Arvia, Iona, Britannia, Ventura, Azura, Aurora and Arcadia - each having individually special things that makes each different voyage extremely unique. P&O welcomed their newest ship, Arvia, in March 2023 with her maiden voyage sailing to the Canary Islands from Southampton.
They also specialise in Southampton departures, making it incredibly easy and efficient for the British public to cruise with them; each one of their ships will depart from Southampton from 2023 through to 2025. In addition to this, ships like Arvia can accommodate up to 5,200 passengers per sailing - similar numbers are shared by her sister ship, Iona. Arvia, also, recently had her naming ceremony after her 2023 launch and announced her Godmother: Nicole Scherzinger
P&O also caters specifically to solo passengers with an entire sector of their website dedicated to the benefits of vacationing on their ships by yourself; boasting experiences, activities and opportunities for you to meet other passengers that will ultimately bring your entire one-person-trip together.
As aforementioned, P&O are inherently British and they push exactly for that, being one of the only cruise lines to accept GBP (Pound Sterling) on board. On top of this, the activities and events that they host usually hold up to British traditions; they have pubs on board to complement this.
If you’re new to cruising and you’re unsure what peaks your interest, then fortunately for you, P&O offer a ‘New to Cruise’ section on their website which caters just to the new-to-cruise audience. It reads all the necessary information one who is new to cruising would need to know and the steps thereafter - from curiosity, to booking the cruise itself - branding their vacations as a ‘Holiday of a lifetime’.
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