What is a 'Guarantee Cabin'?

A 'Guarantee Cabin' or 'GTY' is a category where the cruise line will choose your final cabin.
Just like booking an 'Allocation on Arrival' hotel or resort with a holiday company, you can choose to know as little or as much about the cruise cabin as you want, in return for a better price!
Top Tip: If you want the best deal, it's often best to choose a guarantee cabin... if you book a Guaranteed Inside, you will usually grab the best price on the cruise and you may then get upgraded to a better category than the lowest inside, you might get an outside, or even a balcony!
If you want to be more specific and have a guaranteed minimum of a certain cabin grade, you can often book a guaranteed Outside, Balcony or Suite. You know you won't be any lower than one of your chosen levels of luxury, but you may also get upgraded!  
In every case you will find out your cabin number (and therefore location on the ship) closer to your departure, usually around two weeks before you travel, when you print your tickets.
Guarantee cabins are a great idea if you're travelling on a budget, don't need to know specifics before you go and you're hoping for a free upgrade!
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