Virgin Voyages

Why Virgin Voyages?
Let’s be honest, when it comes to travel, the Virgin brand know what they are talking about. Already hugely successful in the flight and holiday market, and even space travel with Virgin Galactic, they have also successfully launched into the world of cruising with game changing ships that redefine a cruise holiday! In the Med and beyond for Summer 2023, with sailings from Barcelona and Athens, take a look at Virgin Voyages...
The cabins are inspired by super-yachts, changing the way you view a room, whilst dining is inspired by a Michelin starred collective of chefs creating an unforgettable experience, no matter which of more than 20 eateries you choose (you'll never be stuck for choice). There are no cover charges - there are no exclusive spots you have to pay to get into - and every restaurant minimises waste food by only cooking fresh what's on the menu!
Equally important to the ship’s physical design is the desire to create a meaningful experience for guests. Virgin Voyages features exciting ideas in entertainment and music to provide Sailors (not passengers or cruisers) with a fantastic variety of options to enjoy. And with customer feedback going through the roof and hatfuls of awards rolling in, there's never been a better time to book your Voyage!

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